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21 March 2011


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Nothing seems nicer on your new garden shed than the usual group of garden containers dangling from the windows or even
setting out front. It is easiest to use because of the height of
the bed which can be adapted to the person or situation.
But for now, sunny days are here and they've sparked a new love affair, with my garden.


Love your wheatgrass! I grew my own and blogged about it. I mentioned you and linked back to this post. Thanks so much for the cool idea!


love love love this

Eye care

I love spring to, maybe because I was born on a spring month. I love it because the nature revives, the birds twitter, I like the fresh green of the grass, the flowers, all is getting color and I feel more optimistic.

Pam - captured by our cameras

Absolutely adorable.

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

Super stinkin' cute. I'm just sayin'.

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