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21 February 2011


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I used colored glitter when I could match the color well enough. When I couldn't, I used transparent (crystal). But you can use all transparent if you like - it will just soften the original colors of your print a bit.


I love the Graphic Fairy and use here images on my blog all the time. Did you use colored glitter or clear/white? What you did is soooo pretty. I'll have to look for those fine tip applicators and more glitter (who can have too much glitter I say). :)


You did a lovely glitter job! I have used Martha Stewart's fine tip glue applicator and it is perfect for getting the details on small graphics. It's a great tool. I use glitter sparingly on cards usually only to highlight because I also hate finding glitter all over the place, but when you get results like yours it just makes me want to do more.

Betty aka ZacksNana

I'm a bird fan! I think both the original and your version are lovely. I'm with you on glitter though. I am not a fan. I hate that 2 days later I am still finding glitter in my hair or on my face. You did a fab-o job though!!!

heather j

That bird image is so pretty!

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