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27 November 2010


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Alex Staff

Sounds like a fun tradition. Perhaps a bit of garlic could give this gumbo an extra kick of flavor. It's good as it is, but it can be kinda fun to add your own spin to some recipes, right?


Oops! Thanks, Cody - I made the change and I'm sorry you had to make another trip to the store. Glad it was worth it, though!

Cody Stanford

I made this yesterday and it was fantastic! I used more sausage since I had less turkey than called for, and I was pretty heavy with the cayenne -- very spicy! Oh, you might add "bell pepper" to the ingredient list -- it's in the recipe but not in the ingredients and I had to run up to the store again once I discovered this. I used a red pepper for color and because I prefer the flavor. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!


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