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29 November 2010


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Greg Bulmash

Started my tincture of chile de arbol on Sunday. The jar is gorgeous to look at with the chiles floating in the alcohol behind the quilted glass. I'm almost tempted to make one just for decoration.

Greg Bulmash

For items like black pepper, cardamom, and espresso, did you use the whole "fruit" or ground?

Have you done blends, and would you go by the flavor or aromas when mixing?

What about sweeteners? I was thinking of maybe dropping a chunk of piloncillo in with star anise to get some hints of caramel in with the anisette.

Last, is there a recommended ratio of spice/aromatic to alcohol?


Interesting! Can this be done with orange rinds or any other item with an essential oil in it? I love the Christmas Tree scent though! I'll be sure to try this one out! Thanks Suzonne! :)

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