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23 November 2010


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There have been some technical difficulties with the link. I've updated the post again (and checked to see that the link works).



Will you be posting the tutorials somewhere since Family Circle took them down?




sad to see that FC took the tutorials down


Love, love, love the felt projects and great, clean, modern colors. Do you have any patterns for a tree skirt???


I love those pinecones!! I'm thinking all white felt with a little glitter on the tips. :) Thanks for the inspiration Suzonne!!


Thanks everyone! And Anya - you CAN be that skilled with the cutting. I print out clip art of snowflakes onto the paper side of freezer paper and then iron it onto the felt (the waxy side adheres to the felt). After that, I use fine-tip scissors to cut out the details. Since the paper doesn't shift while you're cutting, it's easier to cut all those little pieces out. As for the scissors, I use Fiskars Micro-tip scissors (which you can get at Michaels) and online.


I love love love it all. How do you cut the felt on the snowflakes? I don't know if I can be that skilled...hmmm...

Whitney @ WhiskerGraphics.com

Felt is my favorite fabric to work with. No fraying, pretty colors, forgivable and soft and cozy to the touch. Last Christmas was my "felt" Christmas and I made as many gifts as I could with felt. I'm digging those pinecones and garland. Nice job! Can't wait to get my Family Circle in the mail. :)


Those pictures are gorgeous! I'm gonna pick up some felt today!


I've been interested in felt a lot more lately, too. I love your festive projects - - especially the unique pinecones! :)

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