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27 October 2010


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Hi Trish, Some of the vintage ones I find have D rings attached to the back (to either hang with a chain or to place over hidden hooks). But if you don't have D rings on the back, the most common way, I believe, is to use mirror clips. You can usually find those in hardware and home stores. I know frameless mirrors are sometimes hung with adhesive (the oversized type mirrors you find in bathrooms), but it obviously has to be a mirror compliant adhesive, which you'd need to consult a professional about. But for a smaller, temporary installation, I think the clips are the way to go:


Trish Davenport

Please tell me how you hang the frame less mirrors?

I just cannot figure that out. Thank you

Betty aka ZacksNana

I love, love, love that bathroom! The shiny silver. OMGosh!!!

I think I need a daily reminder to vote. I have totally forgotten the past several days.


Anthro is my fav store. Aren't you beyond excited there's finally one in NOLA? I really love the room in the 4th picture too. I love the homey-ness of a simple room sometimes.

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