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29 September 2010


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Your mask is very beautiful. I just signed up and voted for you. Good luck! Your blog is nice, I'll be checking back with you tomorrow to vote again.

xo Susi xo


Yeah! You are back up to being second. :)


Just voted for you! The mask is beautiful!

Greg Bulmash

Love ya to pieces, but going back and voting every single day for weeks on end is just not in my bag of tricks. I vote when you remind me, but if you were reminding me every day, I'd probably tune out after a while.

Damn Better Homes & Gardens for dragging this out so darn long.


haha! Well I'm glad that I've actually been pronouncing it right in my head, and glad you pointed out your picture on here- I never noticed there was an "about" page! You've got my vote- every day since I realized I could vote every day!


Voted! :)

Betty aka ZacksNana

Girl! No danged wonder your little one is sooo stinkin' cute! You are gorgeous! So what's the hubs looking like? :O)

It would help me tremendously if you would put that link to your mask voting on your blog EVERYDAY! Heeheehee

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