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04 August 2010


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I love these ideas and I'm going to start implementing them from day one. Thanks, ladies!


So sweet!! As for starting school. The morning of the first day I take a picture of the child with a hand drawn note, "Goodbye (insert grade) and Hello (insert grade)!". I let the child write the note themselves and it's wonderful to see the child as well as the handwriting change as the years go by. My oldest starts college this fall. Do you think I could get him to hold up a note this year? Nah... probably not. :)

lorrie spotts

We pick one great thing that was learned or made at school and put it on our cork board in the kitchen. Our kids tell us what it is, how it was made, or whatever story they feel like telling. It is fun and gives us a good conversation over dinner.

If I could start again, I would have purchased some kind of big container and started saving the cutest work in an organized way from the start. Now I am just shoving both kids' work in a large drawer hoping to have the interest in organizing some day...maybe when I am retired??? lol


Those pictures are so sweet! Great idea! His eyes are gorgeous- those eyelashes too! It does go so fast and it is for sure sad... but there really are good things about each new stage. I can't think of any interresting traditions, but they all come home from school famished so we always head straight to the kitchen and while they eat they usually open up about the day and tell me random things that happened. That's nice to have a little happy time before I have to start being task master with homework and chores!


Awww. Love those baby photos. Wish I had done that with my four!

Special breakfast for the first day of school is always a must in our house. :)

Bring kleenex to his first day. lol You'll need it. You might make it back to the car, but you'll still need it. :)

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