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30 June 2010


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I suspect that my etching looks so dark due to the lighting that I utilized to capture the design in this photo.

Your design can alter the look of etching. For instance, my lacy designs are much lighter and delicate than my numbers or when I use strong designs such as dots, bold letters, etc.

Something else you can try - leave the cream on for a few extra minutes to see if that helps.


how do you get your etching so dark? mine comes out light and almost clear...any suggestions?


These look great! Your previous etching posts inspired me to make cat silhouette glasses for the birthdays of my mom and a few friends. They were a huge hit, and I even made one with a tripod kitty, as one pal has an adorable 3-legged member of her feline family. Many thanks for the idea!


Love the look. Is the Armour Etch drippy at all? I would really love to etch a frame onto my bathroom mirror.

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