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10 May 2010


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Thanks, Daisycrunch! But you know, I had the advantage of using premade papier-mache boxes. It would have been an entirely different story if I'd had to make everything from scratch! Hope you have as much fun with your project, though, as I did with mine.


THAT LOOKS AH-MAZING, im also attempting to make a 3 teir paper mache cake as you have done for my major visual arts project..the only problem is im never gonna be able to make one as good as that LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! :D


That's really pretty!

Katie J

This is awesome, thanks for sharing your process!

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

Yum! in so many ways!


this is gorgeous !

Betty aka ZacksNana

doesn't look like paper to me. looks good enough to eat!

Tammy @ Not Just Paper and Glue

This is beautiful and what a lovely idea!

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