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13 April 2010


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what lovely traditions! i love the champagne glasses so much that i may have to incorporate that into my life somehow!

Betty aka ZacksNana

Well, now I'd say I'm a veteran with 32 years of marriage under my belt. I wish we'd have started at least one of these types of traditions. Currently we have no MEANINGFUL traditions to pass on to our two lovely daughters and one fabulous grandson. But, I believe in the addage, it's never too late. I will have to think of something and work on it. I create greeting cards and I scrapbook. But neither of my girls ever had any interest in crafting. Sooo, my grandson has sparked an interest. I think something for him would be a good start. I love your idea of the two glasses and the mooonshine. But I think I'll forego the moonshine part. I just wanted to tell you, I am originally from Morgan City, LA. I enjoy reading your blog every time I get a feed. TFS

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

What lovely traditions! My husband and I are similar in that we love the small and meaningful things over grand gestures. We'll be celebrating our 23rd anniversary in August (I was married at age 9:)) and as the years have past my favorite way to celebrate our anniversary is sans kids.

Happy Anniversary!!

Katie J

I love these! We're eleven years into it too and I can't think of a single tradition we have that is just us- I guess I will need to come up with one!

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