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22 April 2010


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Peggy furrow

Like you, I too fell in love with Sarah's art after seeing her feature in several magazines. I have collected hearts for over 15 years, some with the intent of one day making a heart themed tag collage. I just finished it in time th give it to my husband for Valentine's day. I'll also put it on display for my daughter's upcoming wedding at our home. I will upload it as soon as I figure out how to.. Her blur themed tags are my favorite.


I too am a long time admirer of sarah's work.
I was searching on google today and came across your lovely blog.
I was trying to find any recent news about Sarah, as I often wonder what happened and why she hasn't been creating further?
All the best, kat

Betty aka ZacksNana

Hi Suzonne!
I've tried my hand at ATC art. But I am not very good at it. I just tend to want ot keep adding and adding and adding. Then it's just too much. Sarah's tags are gorgeous and can teach folks like me, less IS more! :O)
Hope you have a Great day!

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