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10 March 2010


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Sue Stopford

Hi Suzanne

Love this idea soo much.

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

Thanks so much for mentioning my Keep Calm and Drink cards and for the lovely tutorial!

I've just discovered your blog and it's now safely tucked in my Google Reader so I won't miss a post!


Miss B

Thank you for the mention! Your photo's make me want to go get organized as well:)


Miss B.

Suzonne Stirling

Hi Katie - Thanks for visiting! I'll hop over to your blog and check out what you're up to.

Tuesday French

Hi Suzonne,

I have to confess that while I did get the supplies together, The Husband did such a bang-up job with the Black Pearl cocktail, that after tasting it he made one for himself. And then we realized that the house was quiet (one of those rare evenings when our son had not only gone to bed early, but had stayed there - and better yet, the mutt wasn't howling at the moon) so we dropped onto the couch and spent an hour or so talking, sipping and listening to music . . . and Just. Being. (We couldn't remember the last time we'd done that, & you've inspired us to plan time together like that more often - each time trying one of your cocktail recipes). Thank you!


I absolutely love these magnets...I can't wait to make some! I'll be visiting your blog often :)


Suzonne Stirling

Thanks, Dee Dee! I can't remember where I got most of the fabrics, but my inspiration started with the polka dot fabric. It's from Amy Butler (amybutlerdesign.com). I love her fabrics!

Whatever DeeDee Wants

Those magnets are too cute! I love the pattens you picked out.

Suzonne Stirling

Tuesday French - Thank you for spending time here and for taking the time to comment. You made my day!!

And for that liquid glue problem - fine-tip applicators (usually sold alongside glass and ceramic paints). They screw right onto the glue bottle. I couldn't live without them.

Tuesday French

Hi Suzonne,

I've never commented on someone's blog before, but I'm always so inspired by your words and your projects that I thought I'd give it a try (deep breath) so here it goes:

I can't wait to surrender the sad little squares of folded scotch tape that have replaced magnets lost to roving toddler hands, a mischievous mutt and otherwise unexplained migration to the underside of the refrigerator. (And not even The Husband is brave enough to go under there).

Thanks for the advice about metal vs plastic button kits and the pop up glue dots - I'm liquid-glue-challenged (seriously, more ends up on the mutt and my son than on the item I'm sealing) and they sound like a great solution. Now to talk The Husband into making me a Black Pearl cocktail while I start some creative organizing!

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