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14 March 2010


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Healthy Foods Blog

There's only one word came out of my mouth when I saw the image of your cupcake... Wow! Well, it is really an amazing one. Two thumbs up!

Miss Jones

There are few things better in this world than frosting - I'm lucky if any makes it out of the mixing bowl and on to the cupcakes - but I'm wondering how well buttercream holds up in heat & humidity? I'm currently living in a tropical climate and don't have air conditioning, and I'm wondering if I could just refrigerate the cupcakes, or if you would instead recommend that I use another type of frosting (forgoing the cupcakes entirely and just grabbing a spoon is also an acceptable answer). Thanks for your help, and for your beautiful web site!

Whatever DeeDee Wants

Oh yum! I am going to try making some this week!

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