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15 March 2010


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Paula J

Hi! I just came across this post 5 years after you originally put it up, but I'm glad I did! These little baskets are adorable! I have a question about the little animals you put inside yours...are they candy or styrofoam? They look like sugar to me but I could be wrong.


These are so adorable! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! Never would have thought of this myself...

אחסון אתרים

Awesome designs shared by you here. I love to read such type of creative post which gives great idea about designs. It's really cute and lovely.

Notebook Akkus

good site loving it keep them coming have a good day


Suzonne! Hello! I am a New Orleans area blogging enthusiast and was absolutely delighted when I saw your work featured in Family Circle and then saw that you were a New Orleans blogger!

You can probably tell how excited I am by the way I am abusing exclamation points.

I actually already own your book and think it's fantastic and look forward to digging around on your site and finding even more inspiration.

(my blog, twitter, FB, etc. are all under Birdonthestreet)

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Love, Love, Love these adorable easter baskets and can't wait to post them on my blog. Thanks for all of your inspiration!


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headaches and hormones

I just made them myself - very easy and looks so pretty. Thank you so much for posting!


Saw this on to be charmed. I love it-so cute. TFS.

Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe

This is just so cute! I added a link to your tutorial on my blog about fun Easter crafts. Thank you for sharing!

- Michele


Absolutely adorable!

Two Shades of Pink

I absolutely love these! Saw them on One pretty thing!


These are adorable! A great tutorial, I just had to share with my readers. Thanks so much.

Brandi @ www.tweedledeedesigns.com

Elizabeth Goodman

Love, Love, Love these adorable easter baskets and can't wait to post them on my blog. Thanks for all of your inspiration!
~ Elizabeth


I love these! So cute! What a great idea! I'm glad I discovered your blog thru Making Memories! I'm a displaced southern gal, I love all your posts! We are on the same page of thought!

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