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27 February 2010


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Sean Carter

those are some beautiful envelopes! I recently purchased a envelope printer and have been able to create some fun things as well. You can really bring your unique touch to anything

envelope printing

I find myself making them from paper and scraps of supplies I have around my office instead of purchasing them but for some reason I usually purchase envelopes for these cards. I have plenty of paper that usually gets put in the recycled bin.

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

I absolutely love this idea! I purchased a ginormous roll of kraft paper from Uline (900+ feet!). I never thought to make envelopes from it. I love the idea of sewing them shut. Brilliant! Thanks!

LauraLee Kavanagh

These turned out beautiful! I'm definitely going to use your techniques and make my own envelopes this way. Stitching it closed is truly unique. Thanks for sharing.

LauraLee Kavanagh
Pink Purse Creative


Stunning & inspiring!!

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