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22 January 2010


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Super cute, these will be prize winning ribbons for a teen cupcake competition!


These are so pretty and I am going to use them in my scrapbooking. Thanks!


Thanks, Jennifer!

Jennifer fahnestock

Really like this idea


Thanks, Tiffany. And there are so many different things you can use them for - toppers for birthday gifts, pins for 4th of July, etc. It really just depends on the cupcake liners you use. Have fun!


found this on pinterest, can't wait to make some with my daughter. can't wait!


these would be PERFECT for a children's Valentine Prep craft party. Esp. since you can serve cupcakes.. have to watch and be sure the little darlings don't use the cake-smeared ones in the cards though...

Michelle Paige

I just featured these today! I know you crafted them 2 years ago, but they are still as cute as ever! Thanks!

Michelle Paige

Thanks for taking the time to link up to my Valentine Link Party! These are adorable!

Michelle Paige

Wow! Thanks for linking up to my Valentine Link Party...and thanks for adding the comment for others to come visit!

Michelle Paige

These are so precious! I love your valentine bookmark, too! Would you be willing to link up your valentine posts to my Valentine Link Party going on now? I'd love to have your creativity! Thanks!


Love these! Using them at party next month! Will tag you back and send you the link!


these are FABULOUS!!


I featured you yesterday!!


Thanks for inspiring!


These are sooo adorable! I love them!


These are fantastic!!! I would love it if you linked up to our party! I would love to feature you!


These are absolutely darling--well done!!

Whatever DeeDee Wants

Such a cute idea!

Cathe Holden

BRILLIANT!! I love award rosettes, this is fabulous!!

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