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07 November 2013


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Janice Bakke

Thank you for the story about your photo, Suzonne!

Betty J Schaub

And a Happy Gingko Biloba to you too! Your photo just made me smile. I love those little leaves and just saying their name makes me kind of giggle. Have a terrific weekend.


Thanks, Janice! I took that photo in Brooklyn. As I was walking out of a little shop, I happened to look down as I crossed the threshold and I was struck by the colors and patterns and composition. All I did was capture it. I love taking those kinds of photographs - they remind me to just LOOK. There's beauty and inspiration everywhere.

Janice Bakke

What a lovely photo! I had to re-post it on Google+. Do you have a further description about the photo (e.g., where you took it, why, was it planned or happenstance)?

Shalagh Hogan

Oh the posts I have posted on computer snaffus. And yet I sense that you are happy and confident that the issue will be resolved. Good Luck. Happy weekending to you too.

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I have a divided heart, caught between city and country. Urban Comfort is the bridge between that divide, my attempt to elevate the simple and bring warmth to the urbane.

My name is Suzonne Stirling. I'm a professional crafter, wife, and mother and I live and create in New Orleans. I write about all the facets of my creative life, both personal and professional, though like most Southerners, I reserve the right to digress.

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