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10 September 2010


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I love masks!
Espesially this green one!
wow so beautiful!



your mask is so so pretty. it's nice inspiration for me as well as i want to make a mask for myself for halloween and i want it to be nature-based. also i really like your blog :)

Deborah Robbins

Lovely details, beautiful design; elegant in an understated way!


I just voted, I really like yours, such pretty colors. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I agree with you that motherhood is the hardest job. I know it is totally worth but I have to admit on some days I do have to remind myself of that. :)


yours is far and away my favorite. Love the little beads and flowers - so delicate!

Whitney @ WhiskerGraphics.com

Well done! I'm off to vote!


I checked out the competition, and I like yours the best. Nice job!


Good luck! I voted for your very pretty mask!

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