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11 August 2010


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I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am in awe of your talent and writing! I just spent some time peeking through your archives and found your glass etching posts. That would be fun to try, I didn't know you could do so much with a paper punch.

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!


Gosh, I just love this giveaway!! I'm new to this whole craft thing and could really use just about anything but lately I've been loving stencils. I love the way you can dress up found objects and give them new life.

I'll keep my fingers crossed :)


Oh what a wonderful blog you have - thanks for sharing of yourself. I work full time, am a mom and still NEED to find time to create or a part of me just hides away. I am a painter and love all things colour and paint and brushes but lately have been fascinated with hand sewing so thread and fabrics are also fascinations, obsessions and great pleasures to me, especially here in Canada where the winter months are spent nesting and creating and giving of our homemade goodies - thanks for starting Christmas early! :o)


As a stay at home mom I find my days to be a bit trying. When I need "me" time I go into my craft room and escape. I have accepted the fact that I am not the most talented out there and I will never have 100 followers on my blog....but that is okay. I love to start and finish a project and know that I created something that will make someone else smile. There is such a sense of pride in crafting. I am not sure I answered your original question but that's my story and I am sticking to it. :)

teresa granath

Time. Do you have any time left over that you could box up and mail to me? That would be super. Really, I would use any fabric or thread that you happen to have on hand for my big bag project. Also, any kind of strapping for handles is quite useful. Lovely blog, happy birthday to your special little guy. Motherhood hits all of us upside the head and then buries our hearts in love.


After living for 48 years and saying, "I'm just not very creative", too many times to count, I've discovered I was wrong. I can be creative. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air. You have such a wonderful sense of style. I love to see what you do and use your ideas to help me find my own. I love to make little things to brighten the days of others - with paper and fabric scraps and beautiful little things. Thanks.


ah... art of any kind makes me wish i was better at it.=) in craft stores, i love to hang out in the drawing supply aisle and think things like "if only i had THAT pencil.."=) i also love writing... different styles of calligraphy, etc... and i love making cards and scrapbooking, and i want to sew more..=)


i'm a dyi-er...see something and just "know" i can re-create it on the cheap. i am enjoying making our "new house" into our home...painting, making wall-art, re-arranging furniture...and trying to think and do and be "outside my own box" of what i thought was my "style" - super fun!! oh, and i just made the lime-sugar-cookies a couple days ago: delish!! merry christmas ;)

lisa c

I just found you blog last week. I am enjoying it very much. I love to journal and scrapbook photos that i take, now, mostly pictures of my 2 year old little blessing. it is so wonderful to share creating with her, she is an arty girl already.


I came across your wonderful blog when searching for Sarah Lugg tag art and, oh my! what a delightful time I've had checking in with you weekly or so! I am very much taken with "vintagey" things (think Jenni Bowlin, Melissa Frances, etc. - hehe) and have made some altered books, shabby journals, and both digital and paper scrapbook pages. Thank you so much for inspiring me along the way!

Ashley Chambless

Since getting married six months ago, I have finally had time to slow down a bit, and spend more time at home. This has allowed me to test my craftiness...I have a new found love of painting. Mainly pictures to decorate my new house. And I really want to try my hand at refinishing retro furniture. I'm a garage sale junkie and have been collecting small pieces to re-do. I can't wait!


I love to sew, pretty much anything sewing. I love making quilts, clothes for my daughter, toys, bags, etc. I really find fabric inspirational. I just love color, I can't get enough of it.

heather f

As I reach my middle plus years I have so many wonderful treasures and I can see that soon I will be getting treasures from both sets of elderly parents. I am so sentimental about things, how do I incorportate old and new? I am trying to take pieces and re-make them with fabric, paint and paper and give them away or sell them so that I can treat my elderly parents with something. a special dinner, a weekend trip, a photo book. this is an interesting time of life. Parents fading, and grandchildren arriving. what to save, what to remake and what to "re-home"

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